First of all, we are DAVAO CITY based custom t-shirt and screen printing company. We can ship nationwide thru our logistic partners and for volume orders provided with the cheapest cost.

Founded in 2010, Paintline entering organizational markets.


It discovers the designs are so very important in wearing  "Team t-shirts", in the beginning of our markets we show off to clients on how to feel them what really great t-shirt design is need to be unique and extremely though.

2011, we focus on our capability of running such productions that we are dedicated to do it so.

The idea is we specialized for t-shirt printing and graphic design services, a dedicated one to catch production lead-time on any events we surpass, thanks to full service efforts of our personnel.

2012, we started to build a receiving office and open it doors to public and start accepting walk-in clients.

It collects a lot of customers and partners in the past few years driving this company to expand into a bigger production facility, the company itself thru the help of the people behind us, has been motivated to do it and working as a team.

2013, innovation comes within our reach of upgrading machineries.

We all know Filipino that in some other parts of Mindanao area, Philippines is that the custom screen printing services is not most significant in terms of providing high-tech screen printing machineries instead it thinks about conventional thing that was exist very old time ago, but keeping in our mind that our upgrade helps upgrading the industry into a whole new level of productiveness and quality. Our goal is to bring the new technology in the 21st Century through Fiilipinos nationwide.

2014, we added a wide selection of fabrics, t-shirt brands and printing styles.

The demands are growing we listen to our clients afterwards and by looking in the environment, we are able to introduce to market the classification of different textiles, our access to imported overruns and finer raw materials in which we can recommend the best most among others.

2015, a whole new system 

We added dedicated personnel to different areas of our business forming an exceptional service that can complete the requirements on taking care of your orders in the right way.

- Paint & Mixing Station

- Packing Section

- Quality Check Area

- Garment Section

- Embroidery Section

- Curing Section

- Organizational chart

2016, opening franchising

The Paintline name has been serving in half a decade and known to be one of the best in the best in Mindanao thru its good standing, quality assurance and better service among others. Our clients chooses us in a smarter way of having a full service expert, practically hassle free, finding solutions on every projects, has a cabinet of resources and guaranteed working. Today we open our door to increase our quality standards in considering the potential growth of the company where we constantly striving for successful outcomes in all areas of our business.

- Franchising opportunity

- Investment

Design Ideas

Every design is different in shape, colors and style, our expert says that when we design we make sure it is fit for t-shirts.
We might produce a hundred of ideas before arriving at the perfect one, for us based on project or client. It's a necessary part of the creative process and one that we take seriously that comes with good design. Here's how we do it:

  • Start with a project plan
  • Create an Idea that fits to client phrase or text
  • Using our special tool to create a smart design that is built for t-shirt concept and efficiency of our production.
  • ​There are right design for the right place where special print effects or process.
  • ​If you have design, our enhancement process will make you see more clear objects or text.


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