Take a look with our new pricing, we don't want to change our mind with the 2017 pricing are all great promising that will satisfy all of our customers, with us you may experience less hassle and more secure by providing you a better price and service than other similar businesses of ours.

We want to put value on every offer we do, in our package rate we explain to you how we deserve better, first of all the package is including t-shirt, graphic services, screen processing, logistics from wide sources of brands to choose from, screen printing services and fast turnover in about 7 to 21 days on ready made shirt with printing and 21 to 30 days on custom made shirts including printing, if you are not satisfied with this lead-times we can arrange a lesser time on this by requesting on our email.

The Difference of Giveaway t-shirts and Regular packages.

  1.  Giveaways - It intend for mass production and for corporate promotions purposes the shirt will be the cheapest and fit to the standard of sizes and acceptable GSM thickness count based on our simoultaneosly served customers. The 100 Peso price includes a White T-shirt and a one color printing on front Panel and one on the back panel, any additional color will add 5 peso per color. For Colored T-shirts it is more expensive due to wieght and color additives there will be an additional cost of 10 pesos on top of based price.
  2. Regular Packages - This are more enticing offer, customer and our team considered the top choice of brand offer to our clients, this means we provide t-shirt fabric not only looking for the price but the main priority is the quality, finer fabric than any other local brands and higher GSM count, so you may not question how it feels and look like, it actually a good choice based on the majority feedback of our clients by its price and value. The package includes the design layout, screen processing, screen printing services and free one upgrade of metallic printing based on your color preferences. 
  3. Add Ons - This are applicable to higher standard of fabric, we want to meet or exceed the expectation of clients by offering the number one t-shirt choice in the world, or you may search what was the top choice in the world, it is GILDAN, 100% cotton t-shirts better fastness, preshrunk , available in ladies and mens cut, surety of sizing preferences and true color swatches. So you might think this would be better if you have a clothing line to sell, exceed your expectation, wear comfortable shirts or a higher budget that can be a value for money on your group, likewise its the best thing to have an add ons, its not much a high price it only add 40 pesos and you have the top #1 choice of shirt in the world.

The imported ones also has a greater effect on printing, did you know why? It has the finest thread count and those fibers are so clean furnished fabric, the ink print will not burried on the mistakes of fiber alignment, it always on the top of the smooth fiber lines, so you may notice the superb quality on top where print is underlying.

So do you have any Questions or Suggestions? you may feel free to contact the PAINTLINE TEAM below is our responsive email:


We hope we provide you the best of our experiences and knowledge about custom apparels.