Who we are?

                  Paintline is started 2010, focusing on garment and printing industry providing ready-made t-shirts to Custom made uniforms, we are a graphic design company offering screen printing & embroidery services. We dedicate our staffs in the field of excellence, innovation and assigned ready. Our job is to work as a team, proactive and has plans to make every projects in the right way. We integrate people, staff, contractors and partners by accomplishing every project on time and capturing profitable growth opportunities in custom shirt designs by volume. We upgrade frequently our production facility to be efficient, discover new ideas, producing high quality products and services by means of demand. We are happy to produce "Custom Shirt and Prints" to strengthen your brand name and as an Iconic symbol of your daily advertising.

         Our customers advantage is to established full package, they benefit of experiencing outstanding services on inquiry, ordering, customer service, delivery and consultations. Our name has been established throughout Mindanao and in the islands of the Philippines, accepting volume orders worldwide.

Our Client,

They quickly identified the philosophies that would define their new firm, PAINTLINE PRINTING SERVICES:

  • Always do right by the materials, services, schedules, and expectations
  • Never forget why you're deciding on good provider in the first place
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark